Rules And Requirements

The most important thing for DQ is to increase and maintain the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers. Despite the fact that their ice cream and fast meals have gained a lot of popularity, they want to maintain that status. Each time there is a shift, they are constantly looking forward to the possibility of improvements.

DQFanSurvey feedback

The Dairy Queen Customer Satisfaction Survey is being conducted by DQFanSurvey (, and if you participate in it, you have the opportunity to win extraordinary prizes and gifts. DQ has a persistent interest in gaining knowledge about areas in which it may make improvements.

This is the reason why the DqfanSurvey was developed. As part of the Dairy Queen survey, they are interested in hearing your thoughts on your most recent visit to the restaurant.

Rules And Requirements For The Search Portal

  • A device that is capable of connecting to the internet, such as a mobile phone, desktop computer, or laptop, is necessary.
  • The minimum age requirement for a person is eighteen years old.
  • As soon as you have your receipt available, input the code that is printed on it.
  • You should make a note of the time and date that you went to the DQFan restaurant.
  • It is imperative that you carry the receipt with you when you come back for another visit.
  • You will have thirty days to make advantage of the voucher once you have completed the survey. Following the completion of the survey, you are required to make use of your voucher no later than three days following the completion of the survey.
  • Every thirty days, each consumer may only get one voucher.
  • A command of both English and Spanish is very necessary.
  • It is typical for users to be restricted to those who are situated in North America.